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News of the month (December 2018)

  • 22: Back Space Pass: Kai = Kai Edition is streamed on YouTube, marking Hirasawa's fifth Q&A livestream. The last show's performance of 2D or Not 2D (and consequently the first rearrangement of the song since P-Model's end) is officially broadcast for the first time, following technical difficulties with the simultaneous broadcast that prevented its intended airing.
  • 21: Teslakite and Chaos Union announce holiday closure from December 29 to January 3.
  • 17: CINRA.NET publishes an online interview with Hirasawa, focusing on his role as an internet pioneer and his opinions about the internet's ability to facilitate artists.
  • 12: Green Nerve ticket sales open for the bonus leg of Live Kai = Kai in Toyosu Pit on January 14.
  • 10: The Kai = Kai Osaka Memorial Package download code is activated, making exclusive bonus content available to those who purchased a card at the Osaka concerts.

Did you know...

While Hirasawa was a member of Mandrake in the '70s, he was known for wearing a real medical syringe as a pendant.

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