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News of the month (December 2016)

  • 27: avex trax puts out two minus(-) releases simultaneously: one is O, their only full-length album, made in part of demos made by Ken Morioka before his death, finished by Maki Fujii. The other is V -memories of ecru & voltaire 2016-, two filmed concerts from earlier in the year packaged together. Hirasawa guested on ecru, playing guitar on minus(-) and singing vocals on the Soft Ballet song "Texture".
  • 25: Hikashu performs their traditional Christmas show ヒカシューの絶景クリスマス. Hirasawa, Keralino Sandorovich and Afrilampo guest. Hirasawa and Hikashu play each other's songs together, Kera and Afrilampo cover ones from both. This show marks the second time that acts from The Big Three of Techno perform together.
  • 23: Ice-9 is put on display once again at Ikebe Music Instruments' Shibuya store. It will remain in exhibit until 9 January.
  • 18: Pevo perform the one-man live 擬装市民PEVO誕生. It is their third show to have Hirasawa guest on stage as Volquice Proladuke, singing and playing guitar.
  • 16: Hirasawa drops cryptic tweets this day and on the 23rd, indicating that on next spring DVDs might be released and that he has an album in the works.
  • 14: The Jun Togawa album わたしが鳴こうホトトギス, which consists of rearrangements of older songs of hers, with Vampillia as the backing band, is released.

Did you know...

Hirasawa co-wrote the lyrics of "Christmas in Africa" with Masami Orimo, who was credited under her married name, "Masami Kyono".

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